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Suzanne Neuberger - How a Supportive Work Environment Makes a Difference

May 11, 2022

Meet Suzanne — she is another one of our GREAT members who works at Amarillo National Bank, and she is 58 years young. Suzanne has been active for a good part of her life. When her kids were young, she was able to go workout during her lunch time, and even had a co worker that would go with her. 


As her kids got older, it got more difficult to stick to her routine, and although she stayed relatively active, she was really missing that structure in her life. 


Then one day recently, Suzanne saw an old picture of herself and realized some of the muscle definition she had when younger was now missing—and this inspired her to get back into the gym!


One cool thing Suzanne talks about is the culture surrounding physical health at Amarillo National Bank. If you’re interested in hearing what its like to work for an organization that cares about the health of its employees, give this episode a listen!

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