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Karen Freeman - Never stop moving

January 19, 2022

Meet Karen. She is 75 years young and has been an active member of our gym for a few months now.  Growing up in Chicago where there was mass transit, walking everywhere - to the store, to church, to school, etc. - was just part of the culture. Activity was just a way of life. You went outside when it was day light and you came back in when it got dark. Exercise, outside of her regular lifestyle, didn’t become a focus until after college when she was living by herself and just needed something to do other than going to work and coming home. 

Karen has kept up with her activity levels throughout her life, including doing tae kwon do with all 4 of her grandchildren. Karen is a great example of how continuing to move and be active throughout your life can lead to so many wonderful things. Listen in to hear all the things she is able to do because she stays active.

If you need a reason to start an active lifestyle, give this podcast a listen. Karen is truly an inspiration!

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