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December Coaches Update Part 2

December 29, 2021

This week we feature coach Robert, Bennett and Brandon. Listen to hear how they felt about their fitness goals in 2021 and what their goals are for 2022.

Coach Robert is gearing up for another competition in January and talks about how he likes to view the calendar as a competition season. It keeps him motivated and focused on improvement.

Coach Bennett has aspirations to hit some big numbers in the olympic lifting category. He has been rebuilding his core strength and focusing on squatting. His goals show you the big picture of coming back from an injury.

Coach Brandon talks about switching up his programming in 2021 which helped him hit a new fitness ceiling. He is switching it up again in 2022.

Each of these coaches share where they hope to be in the next year and the importance of goal setting. Tons of great content in this episode! 

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