Building Better People

Cameron Blackwood-All it takes is a little focus

June 2, 2021

This week on the #BuildingBetterPeople, we meet Cameron Blackwood. Cameron describes being in the best shape of his life when he was in high school where he played both football and baseball. One cool fact is that Cameron was coached in baseball by Craig Biggio—yes Craig Biggio from the Astros!


Cameron talks to Charlie about what that experience was like, but after high school, he noticed his weight and fitness started to change, which he says wasn’t surprising since he replaced his 4 hour workouts with beer and tailgates (how many of us can relate to that!). 


Cameron also talks about his recent Murph prep and how he hopes to be in good enough shape to complete this challenging workout. 


We think a lot of people will really relate to Cameron’s story and struggles. Enjoy!

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