Building Better People

Building Systems to Support Healthy Habits

March 23, 2022

On this month’s edition of Coaches’ Education, Stephanie is here to talk to Charlie about something important, and something we could all use a little work on. Sure, we all know those healthy habits that we should be implementing that will help make us the best versions of ourself. But, the question is, are we setting ourselves up for success? 


Stephanie shares how we can make healthy habits become easier for us by implementing systems in our daily lives that make these choices the easy ones to make. Rather than reaching for a bag of chips, how much easier would it be for us to grab some fruits or veggies if we already had those items cut up and displayed in our fridge where we easily see them and can grab them? This is just one example that she will discuss in this week’s episode.


Give it a listen if you have been struggling to make those healthier habits stick in your life. 

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