Episode 23 Kelsey Crawford - Start ‘em young

June 7, 2017

This weeks episode features Kelsey Crawford who started her fitness journey in junior high. Kelsey is 16 years old now and talks about making the decision to stop playing softball and volleyball in high school so she could focus on CrossFit. She opens up about why she loves CrossFit and how much it has impacted her life. Anyone with a teenager or kids at home should listen to this episode because you will be able to truly understand how much a healthy lifestyle can impact your child. 


Episode 22 Charlie Lima - Nutrition & Programming Seminar

May 31, 2017

If you missed the seminar at the gym on May 30th, here is the audio. Nutrition and programming are discussed in detail. If you have a desire to eat healthy and learn more about the programming at College Station CrossFit this is a great listen. It is lengthy but worth it!


Episode 21 Brian Fisher - Stewardship and Attitude

May 24, 2017

Brian Fisher is one of the few people who can truthfully say he has been fit and active his entire life. He is 52 years old and started his fitness journey very early in life participating in organized sports. He has a passion for being fit and active as well as the understanding that his body is a gift from God. He feels the obligation to be a good steward of his body just like all gifts he has been given. Brian has such a positive outlook on life and is full of wisdom which both come out in the interview. You will want to listen and take notes because there is so much good stuff in this episode! 


Episode 20 Michelle Waggoner - A friend can change your life

May 17, 2017

Michelle Waggoner began her fitness journey in 2008 because a close friend invited her to workout at the YMCA. At the time she weighed 200 pounds and went on to lose over 50 pounds. In the interview you hear her share some great insight if you struggle with what the scale says. She is an inspiration to a lot of women at our gym and her story is powerful. You may want to grab some tissues before listening to this one because you will probably tear up.


Episode 19 Matt Haynes - Trust that there is a plan

May 10, 2017

Coach Matt Haynes has an incredible fitness journey that started when he was in junior high. There is a powerful message in his story that you will love to hear and definitely be inspired by. Matt has faced injuries and set backs in his crossfit career but they have not slowed him down. On the contrary, Matt speaks to how those injuries and set backs have impacted his life in a positive way. I hope you enjoy hearing Matt share his story!


Episode 18 Kennedy Ellington - Competitive athlete since 5 years of age

May 3, 2017

Kennedy Ellington started swimming at 5 years old and built up to working out 5 hours per day by the time she was in high school. She also began running in junior high and balanced that with several other sports like volleyball and basketball. Any parents out there with kids and teens in sports should listen to this podcast! Kennedy is a great example of how much organized sports can positively impact kids and teens. She shares how her parents did a wonderful job supporting her but not pushing her too hard. You'll hear Kennedy's sweet and competitive personality, as well as her faith, really come out in the interview. I hope you enjoy listening to Kennedy share her fitness journey!


Episode 17 Doss Cunningham - Down 10% body fat in 6 months

April 26, 2017

Doss Cunningham has been on a stride the last 6 months in his fitness journey dropping 10% body fat putting him in the single digits. He is 35 years old, a husband, father of 3 young children and the CEO of a large business. All of which are huge blessings but can definitely challenge you to find the time and energy to eat right and workout. Doss has had ups and downs in his adult life sticking with it but has recently been very consistent and has seen incredible results. Over the last 6 months I have seen him transform before my eyes. He shares his fitness journey on the podcast and speaks on how this transformation has impacted his life. You will love hearing his story!


Episode 16 Alicia Lima - Commitment makes all the difference

April 19, 2017

Alicia Lima is my lovely bride, she is 33 years old, mother of two precious kiddos (Cate, age 4 and Anderson, age 1) and is currently 31 weeks pregnant. She embodies what I believe to be the perfect example of a mom of little children who leads a healthy life. Chasing kids can be exhausting and being pregnant while chasing kids can be even more exhausting but Alicia makes coming to the gym a priority because it keeps her sane. On this episode she shares how her fitness journey began after the birth of Cate in 2012. This was when she truly committed and it has become a major part of her life. Her story is inspiring and you will love hearing her share it!


Episode 15 Skylar Tardy - Nutrition makes a difference

April 12, 2017

Skylar Tardy is a senior at Texas A&M and will begin a new chapter of his life next month. He will move to Austin, start a new job and get married this summer. In January he listened to episode 2 of the Building Better People Podcast and committed to doing what Chris Raia said about nutrition. Since then he has lost 14 pounds and his performance has sky rocketed. In this interview he shared his fitness journey and you will see that all it takes to achieve your goals is a decision. In January Skylar decided to change his eating and it has made all the difference.


Episode 14 Ruth Ann Gholson - Age is just a number

April 5, 2017

Ruth Ann Gholson is a 20 year old who has lived for 53 years :) Her outlook on health and her enthusiasm for life is invigorating. Ruth Ann shares about losing 40 pounds at the age of 50 inspired by her sons wedding. She has fallen in love with CrossFit and went from being ranked 900th in the world in the 2016 Open to being ranked 400th in the 2017 Open in the world in her age group. Her goal is to make it to the masters qualifier next year and she is very determined. You will love hearing her share her story and more than anything you will be inspired to get off the couch and do something after listening to this episode!